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A self-arranging map SOM utilizing an unsupervised learning method is utilized to order DCT-based element vectors into gatherings to distinguish if the picture is "available" or "not available" in the picture database. The face is detected by the event that the framework perceives faces, only the authentic users are able to start the ignition of the car and untheorized users are not allow to start the ignition. Abstract: Programming has become one of the most demanded skill of a working professional in almost every industry. Even though we have a lot of platform to work on and learn from, we are not properly trained in this domain.

This has increased the need for a platform that is targeted only for the colleges students to develop a coding culture among them , right from the start. The project that we aim to develop solves this particular issue and will also enhance the skills of the students by continuous feedback learning. The end-product will be a web application which the teachers can use to set problems and give assignments while the students will use the application to solve the assignments.

The data will be transferred in the form of a JSON contract for easy interpretation. The web application will be composed of REST api endpoints for performing various operations. The application will be built on Micro Services Architecture to support modularity, scalability and ease of use. Some of the features provided by the application are performance comparison of the students, customizable test environment, compilation and execution of the code, cloud storage for sensitive data and support for many languages.

Thus, this web application will solve the critical need for skills that are to be possessed by the individuals graduating out of the college as demanded by the IT industry. Abstract: In recent growth of business challenges the landscape of the cloud computing under major change. Especially the management of datacenter is challenging task because of its increase in capital and operational expenses due to the spending on its workforce. The paramount importance of any data center is to reduce energy cost and computation cost by effectively utilizing the available physical machines.

Virtualization is a key technology in datacenter to provide demand specific virtual resources as per application requirement. Migration helps in avoiding under utilization of resources also in overloaded conditions from the flood of requests coming in these days.

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The trend in choosing the right migration techniques in cloud data center depends on the nature of the deadline it follows from the utilization of the resources. The goals in virtual migration are the effective management in load balancing of servers, reduced power consolidation of server by right model, faster recognition to the server failure and minimizing the overall system maintenance.

In this paper, we discuss some of the latest techniques used in the virtual migration based on their key performance metric like total transfer data, migration time and total down time. Abstract: Diabetes Mellitus DM is a condition in which glucose level in the body is much higher than the normal. As this method is slightly painful and uncomfortable several another method which are more comfortable and non-invasive are found.

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In this paper, we propose a new non-invasive method to detect DM based on facial block color features using various classification algorithms. Facial images are first captured using a specially designed non-invasive device, and calibrated to ensure consistency in feature extraction and analysis. Four facial blocks are extracted automatically from face image and used to represent a face features. A facial color gamut is constructed with six color centroids red, yellow, light yellow, gloss, deep red, and black to compute a facial color feature vector, characterizing each facial block.

Finally, the features are classified using J ForJ48, two sub dictionaries, a Healthy facial color features sub dictionary and DM facial color features sub dictionary, are employed in the classification process. Apart from this we also use ZeroR, Support vector machine SVM [8] ,J48 to determine the accuracy, precision and recall using the data set that comprises of healthy and DM samples. Finally, we compare all these algorithms and choose the efficient one using its accuracy level.

Abstract: Elephant intrusion causes a major problem like crop damage, human death and injuries. Elephant Intrusion has been on the rise in the forest border areas with groups of elephants entering into human habitation and creating a heavy loss to grown plants in agriculture land and their properties.

The surveillance and tracking of elephants by humans alone may not always be effective.


Mostly the elephants enter into the agriculture land in the night. Detecting elephant intrusion and driving it back is very difficult by the farmers because human cannot watch full night. So, we develop a system which detects the elephant intrusion, creates an alert and repel the elephant away from human habitat. Elephant intrusion detection are useful to avoid human elephant conflict as they stray into agriculture areas searching for food, resulting to economic losses and in extreme cases human casualties.

Hence a system to detect elephant intrusion into human habitat and to alert the habitat and forest officials is essential.

Keywords: human death and injuries, agriculture land and their properties. Abstract: Now-a-days waste management seems to be a challenge in every city right from its inception to its disposal. Waste management involves the collection of waste from its source, transportation and its disposal at the respective location. Garbage collections bins are flooded due to incremental increase in waste which emits foul odour causing health hazards, diseases and environmental pollution. In this paper, we survey on the mechanisms available for scientific collection and disposal of waste along with its challenges.

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From the descriptive survey we analyse the present scenario in waste management. It is explicit that issues are prevailing in policies and technologies available for the treatment and management of wastes and insufficient trained manpower to collect, dispose and process the wastes.

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Abstract: Nowadays health connected issues are terribly high, and it can'tbe simply foretold earlier to avoid complications. The previous studies related to predict heart problems have used several features which has been collected from patients. The accuracy level of prediction and the number of features is very less in the previous systems. To improve the prediction accuracy the planned system, consider additional range of options and implements a Weighted Principle Analysis WPCA and changed Genetic Algorithm GA The planned technique helps the medical domain for predicting HD with its numerous co-morbid types of heart diseases conditions.

The system has 2 main objectives, that are rising diagnosing accuracy and reducing classification delay. The WPCA represents with the effective cacophonous criteria that has been applied into the genetic Algorithm. The system effectively identifies the disease and its sub types, the sub type which is referred as the level of class such as normal and mild or extreme.

Using combinatorial methods from data mining decision making has been simplified and the proposed work achieved Abstract: In agriculture, irrigation plays an important role. Normally, we have many issues in irrigating the plants. Over irrigation of plants leads to decay of plants and low irrigation of plants leads to retardation of crop growth, late flowering.

The proposed model build an automatic irrigation system approach using Arduino in which moisture sensor senses the moisture content present in the soil.

According to the moisture content level water will be pumped to the soil by the DC motor. The sensor continuously monitors the soil moisture content, when it reaches the required water tank level will be used for planting water and its water level will be continuously monitored from an Ultrasonic sensor using distance value.

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If the range goes beyond the certain level, then the system will send message notification to the user mobile. By this proposed AI —SH approach the user can know the pouring method of water for home plants. Keywords: soil moisture sensor, ultra sonic sensor, motor driver circuit. Cloud computing gives numerous advantages and unparalleled convenience for the cloud customers to get the on-demand access of cloud provided that the local infrastructure limitations need not be taken into account.

While accessing data, there may be a co-operative relationship among different users which makes sharing and exchanging of information, a tedious process. The view of current security solutions is mainly on authentication to apprehend that the data of an individual cannot be approached illegally, but there arose a privacy issue when a user request for data sharing to other users through cloud server. In the proposed system, a privacy-preserving authentication protocol is employed to prevent the above privacy complications. In this technique, authority of data through shared access is achieved by the process of sending anonymous access request which gives privacy to the cloud users.

Access control is based on attributes so that the cloud users can only access their own authorized data fields. Advanced encryption standard algorithm is used to achieve data anonymity and data protection.

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The proposed method dealt with secure privacy preserving data access authority is attractive for multiple-user in cloud real time storage. Keywords: Cloud computing, authentication protocol,shared authority, privacy preservation, data anonymity. In QA system, once the question is posted by the client, the system need to find meaning of the words such as synonyms and provide correct answer to the user. It is very difficult to find answer from large collection of information available in Internet. The process involved in QA is question generation, answer filtering and store in the database.

The proposed approach is used to retrieve the answers for the posted query in an efficient manner and reduce time consumption. WAD approach is used to analyze the answer and rank the accuracy of the answer with the existing method. Abstract: This paper analyzes the forest cover in India as a whole and also in terms of states.