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The only way to keep the boat afloat was to bail madly. The only way to keep the boat afloat was to bale madly. The injured were born away in ambulances.


The injured were borne away in ambulances. I got board with my job as a travel agent. I got bored with my job as a travel agent. Check See the answer Next Next quiz Review. There are many diverse influences on the way that English is used across the world today. We look at some of the ways in which the language is changing. But the cow is a new sort of target for Silicon Valley.

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A cow is not a hunk of capital like an internal combustion engine or a coal-fired boiler. A cow will not join your social network or be called by an API.

A cow is an animal which has been naturally selected, over millions of years, to turn feed into protein as efficiently as nature allows, lest it be out-competed by another, more efficient creature. A cow, thick with meat and fat, is dinner that humans have evolved to love.


In the 20th century, we hunted whales nearly to extinction. What possessed us?

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Are we ready for robot cars? At its peak, it carried over , barrels a day for processing at refineries in Texas and Louisiana. But in , no one wants the oil. This is actually happening.

And do it in less than 10 years. This is part 1 of a three part series.


Look here for Part 2 and Part 3. Last year the joists undergirding our carbon-fueled energy system shuddered and flexed.

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But in the US, barely anyone noticed. Much as the MIC necrotrophic as far from Democratic — it far from loving other than of money thus commensurate — the MIC is a product not of Eros , but rather of Thanatos; a dark phenomenon, serving an elite minority rather than the Majority or Demos , seeking, such the pathological compulsion to constrain not only life, but liberty and the pursuit of happiness accordant?

Prolegomena over as much as to polemic commenced; let us get down to those brass tacks as manufactured by corporatist bastards as but a bed made thereof we to be forced to lie down upon way of furthering existence become subsistence? Quote by H. That is to say; central premise of the darkness and abuse which the MIC represents is as to hidden agenda ; that we should not know certain things or contemplate them as individuals; that there be a lack of transparency and accountability, this going hand in hand or claw in bloody claw, as is sine qua non of Panopticon, so it goes?

Nowadays it is capital intensive such the greater hiding of agenda facilitated by software and hardware and technological progress? The answer comes back that there no book A on the shelves, but how about books B, C, D all of which are highly recommended and available -and cover a similar interesting theme much better. Given work in progress concerning brain-computer interface , which again will be marketed as making lives of the people easier e.

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Revelations concerning the technological exploitation of human vulnerability made by Facebook are but the tip of the Panopticonic MIC Iceberg? Or is it that the MIC is really of a philanthropic nature, benign and with our best interests in mind? Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.