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Since I developed great interest in the area of Taxation as a student of law, I wanted to practice in this area. Dushyant Tyagi and Associates. I also got associated with Mr. For last four years I have worked with O. My experience is that, it is very difficult to succeed despite hard work. However, your confidence, knowledge and zeal to work hard will lead you to achieve success if you have patience and determination.

You must strive to get justice to your clients for which you must leave no stone unturned. It was my quest for having knowledge in the field of law so that I could help people in my native place and my family to enforce their rights in the legal forums and facilitate their access to justice. So I can say that I had a sort of a plan to pursue law as a professor. Today, taxation has become an integral part of life due to free trade in global economy and as a major source to augment revenue of the state.

It facilitates government to create infrastructure for the society and finance welfare schemes particularly for the needy and poorer sections of the society. This subject must be taught as a compulsory course in the law schools as it is still being taught as an optional subject.

Tax laws are very complicated and highly technical and need to be taught by practitioners of tax law.

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Its interpretation and different judicial precedent create a very difficult situation and unprecedented expansion of law. In coming times each and every global transaction will affect the economic decisions of the state, corporate business houses, Institutions and individual too. It will require rational and simplified legal framework. Its knowledge will explore the exciting and broad field of practice of tax law, nationally as well as internationally.

I want to suggest to you to pursue career in civil law fields because it has broader scope and has relevance in the Commerce, Trade and International transactions. By being a civil lawyer, you can practice in a civil court, consumer court, land revenue court, arbitration court and constitutional court and also to join corporations as legal advisor.

Tax laws are very highly technical and a specialized field. You should understand the basic fundamental of computing taxable income by applying provisions of tax law, circulars, and notification.

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You should have update knowledge of judicial interpretation, their applicability and must be well versed with the facts of the case you deal with. In taxation, your claim should be based on documentary evidence and generally not on oral evidence. The system of direct taxation as it is known today has been in force in one form and another even from ancient times.

Manu, the ancient sage and law giver stated that the king could levy taxes. The emphasis has been always on principle of accounting of income and expenditure.

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You must be a hard worker, devoted to duty and honest in your practice before the tax administration. Never ignore the fact that you are not a business man, your job is to advise the businessmen to pay taxes as per the law applicable and avail all the permissible deductions and guide them proper tax planning. To succeed as a lawyer, we should try to study the cases property, prepare them to the best of your almighty and argue the cases with confidence.

While arguing before a court, your approach should be to carry the court with you and show great respect to it. Whenever possible watch the proceedings in the court to read the mind of the court, learn court craft and etiquettes which are necessary to be a successful lawyer.


We should study the action and reaction of the parties and courts to acquire the skills of pursuing the case professionally. You should never be afraid of failure because failure teaches you more in life than success does. I want to quote here the words of senior stalwart Mr. In the words of senior stalwart Mr. You must keep thinking about the matter and always keep your mind open for fresh ideas. There is a quote that a person who never made a mistake never tried anything new i. If you have recognized any mistake or error in a case you deal with, take it on priority basis and follow the procedure to rectify or correct it.

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Toxic leucoencephalopathy is damage to cerebral white matter due to exposure to cranial irradiation, environmental toxins, drugs of abuse and chemotherapeutic agents. It results in wide variety of clinical manifestations like personality change, inattention, memory loss, abulia, stupor, coma and death. It leads to white matter demyelination which is visible on T2 weighted MRI as hyperintensity. We report a rare case of a year-old boy with large B cell lymphoma who developed toxic leucoencephalopathy due to exposure to CHOP regimen.

Leucoencephalopathy is structural alteration in cerebral white matter due to myelin damage. Toxic leucoencephalopathy is caused by cranial irradiation, environmental toxins , drugs of abuse and chemotherapeutic agents. It causes symptoms ranging from forgetfulness, inattention and personality change to dementia, coma and death. A year-old boy presented with complaints of moderate grade fever associated with loss of appetite and easy fatigability for last 25 days and black tarry liquid stools for last days.

There was no history of jaundice , abdominal distension, pedal edema or weight loss. On examination the patient was conscious, oriented and vitals were stable. There was pallor and peticheal rash present diffusely on bilateral lower limbs and abdomen.

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There was single right submandibular lymph node of size 1. On per abdomen examination, liver was palpable 6 cm below the costal margin and spleen was palpable 8 cm below the costal margin. Laboratory investigations revealed severe pancytopenia with Hemoglobin Hb of 3. ESR was mm. Kidney function tests KFT , liver function tests LFT , serum calcium, phosphate, serum protein and albumin were within normal limits.

Peripheral smear showed no atypical cells. CECT chest and abdomen revealed hepatosplenomegaly with multiple lymph nodes in right paratracheal, pre- and para- tracheal, pre-and sub-carinal region largest measuring 11 mm. Lymph node biopsy of the submandibular lymph node was suggestive of reactive lymphadenitis. Bone marrow aspirate was suggestive of few atypical cells, while biopsy revealed large atypical cells having vesicular nuclei and moderate to abundant vacuolated cytoplasm.

Many cells showed prominent nucleoli and nuclear grooving and many mitotic figures were also seen. Vincristine 1. Around 10 days after completing the second cycle of chemotherapy, patient was admitted with the complaints of inability to pay attention, decreased sleep, agitated behavior and abusive speech for last 2 days.

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There was no history of fever, headache or vomiting. There was no history of visual abnormality, weakness of any limb or history suggestive of cranial nerve abnormality. There was no history of sensory loss, gait abnormality or seizures. On examination, meningeal signs and neck rigidity were absent.

Patient was conscious, oriented but agitated and unco-operative. His higher mental function could not be assessed because of agitated and unco-operative behavior. Rest of the central nervous system examination was normal. CSF culture showed no growth.