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February Experience. Today Entrance fee Entrance fees include an audio guided tour through the Demonstration Workshops, available in 14 languages, and a single visit of the Museum of the Meissen Porcelain Foundation. Advent dinner at Restaurant Meissen. To event. Table and dining culture at Meissen.

Meissen Brunch. If an error message occurs, they are checked for wear and tear at Lufthansa Technik's component workshops in Hamburg and are readjusted. For this purpose, the actuator in question is first extended and retracted in the test bench following an extensive sequence of individual patterns of movement, while a highly sensitive measurement system records its behavior during this input.

Repairs are made wherever the results exceed the tolerances prescribed by the Component Maintenance Manual. Up to now, this initial test was performed by a mechanic, but owing to human limitations in recognizing errors and making accurate adjustments, this person could only "work by feel" finding individual areas of damage.

Many areas of incipient damage remained undiscovered with this approach because they were still within the tolerance limits, but just a short time later, these areas could also trigger a repeated exchange of the actuator. As a result, the actuator's time-on-wing dropped continually with every visit to the workshop. To prevent this, the automated HyDiag procedure follows a strictly data-centric approach. In the process, the actuator is stimulated during initial examination with an extensive oscillation pattern developed especially for this process.

Used laboratory and analysis equipment with guarantee:

In a fashion similar to a stress ECG, during the procedure the test bench records all the component-specific reactions to this stimulation. The data gained this way is so informative that conclusions can be drawn about the wear and tear of nearly all individual components. As a result, the mechanic obtains a much more comprehensive diagnosis of the wear and tear on the entire actuator system as early as the initial examination, and can focus afterwards on preventing future wear and tear as well.

The service life of the component is prolonged significantly as a result. The procedures for stimulating the actuator and for analyzing and interpreting the test results were created in close cooperation with the polytechnic university of Turin, Italy.

Guide Ein Mann für jede Übung: Ein Yoga-Roman (German Edition)

As a second core component aside from the measuring system, HyDiag uses an industrial robot whose software was developed by the Component Services division especially for this task. The robot can carry out all the necessary adjustments during initial examination completely automatically, and in contrast to a human mechanic it does not require special protection when working in the danger zone of a pressurized actuator. Using the data that is recorded, the robot also always "knows" where the optimum for each of the settings lies, and it delivers additional measurement data that has historically not been available for analysis.

As a result, the final adjustment of the actuator — the certification test — is also much more precise than it previously was when completed by hand. All the adjustment tools for the robot were manufactured using 3D printing at Lufthansa Technik's Additive Manufacturing Center. In addition, when producing its findings the new data-based procedure uses all the existing service life data of the actuator in question — with up to 16 gigabytes of data generated by every initial examination.

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The result is a much more extensive and detailed analysis of the status of the actuator, which permits wear and tear to be recognized and treated very early. That enables us to undertake much more extensive troubleshooting than we ever could before," said Michael Burke, who heads up the HyDiag project for Lufthansa Technik. Our work together with Lufthansa Technik has advanced the field of Prognostics and Health Management and resulted in multiple papers acknowledged by the community for their quality and scientific relevance," said Professor Giovanni Jacazio, who supervises the activities of Politecnico di Torino on HyDiag.

Under the agreement, which spans the life of the A program, Lufthansa Technik will be able to provide A main landing gear MRO services and access to assets supporting customer layover schedules. To help Lufthansa Technik develop MRO capabilities for the A main landing gear, Collins Aerospace will provide training, parts and proprietary repair procedures, including access to technical publications required to perform A main landing gear MRO services. Lufthansa Technik will offer asset management services through access to a collaboratively managed main landing gears pool of Collins Aerospace.

Our landing gear experts in London will be ready for A services in Especially for customers in the EMEA region this capability will save time and costs. And the next step to further expand our intensive partnership with Collins Aerospace in this area is already planned as we intend to develop new repair methods for the A landing gear which are OEM approved.

NYSE: UTX , is a leader in technologically advanced and intelligent solutions for the global aerospace and defense industry. Created in by bringing together UTC Aerospace Systems and Rockwell Collins, Collins Aerospace has the capabilities, comprehensive portfolio and expertise to solve customers' toughest challenges and to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving global market. For more information, visit CollinsAerospace. By combining a passion for science with precision engineering, the company is creating smart, sustainable solutions the world needs.

For more information about the company, visit utc.

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Triple Competence: All good things come in threes. As a maintenance, design and production organization, we are able to master technologies of any complexity. The independent and open platform for the entire aviation industry offers an extensive variety of digital products and services for airlines, MROs, OEMs and lessors. What are you looking for? Our latest news. Hawker Pacific provides Royal Jordanian's Embraer fleet with landing gear services. Lufthansa Technik Middle East increases its footprint in the region.

Completion of the first A head-of-state cabin to begin in Honeywell and Lufthansa Technik to bring new level of predictive health management expertise to airlines. HyDiag: Automated flight control actuator diagnostics procedure. You can access those by clicking the following Link.

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