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THAI dropped the bulky audio cassettes and adopted a cassette-based audio system. Concurrently, THAI became the first airline to feature electronic headsets, thus ushering in an era of enhanced comfort and high fidelity for their passengers. Change has been constant. Those early in-flight movies placed emphasis on quality using the best techniques available at the time.

They have proved to be so successful that they remain in use today. Claus Jensen had his problems back in She saw the airline grow, from that page newsletter when she had to edit my stories, to what Inflight entertainment has grown into today. Vicky's skills and experience put her in charge of other of the airline's in-flight programs in the early '80s and she currently, and capably, bears the responsibility of Overall Supervisor of the airline's programming. Vicky has a reputation for being an informed negotiator but she also has a much softer side.

She is a very talented water colorist who could very well turn professional. Produced by the Inflight Entertainment staff and several representatives from other departments, the guide is published by the carrier in Bangkok. It is one job I am very delighted doing. Vision is a monthly publication with a 7, press run. Vicky is the one who sees that it all fits together. She screens the movies and makes certain that its Thai-oriented programming reflects Thai culture and heritage. Movies are changed on a monthly basis and audio programming cycles through a bimonthly rotation.

Special holidays and events receive appropriate recognition in programming and many other facets of the carrier's operation.

A Mickey Mouse Cartoon : Season 2 Episodes 1-10 - Disney Shorts

This past year was most important. This year the kingdom is commemorating the King of Thailand's 60th year on the throne and many of the events were shown aboard.

(ebook) 16 Thai/English Adult Cartoons

On the airline's AVOD-equipped aircraft, premium-class passengers have 44 video channel options with several dozen Hollywood films plus films from Thailand, China, Japan, India, and France. In addition to feature-length films, other channels feature short-subject programming devoted to comedy, sports, children's cartoons, popular TV programs, Discovery documentaries, concerts, EEC, EEC World, technology, travel, and THAI's signature and award-winning channel, Thailand Today. This monthly program is a montage of Thailand 's arts, festivals, shrines, cooking, and miscellaneous, and is produced by a Bangkok production company.

The airline's KidZone is a collection of primarily G-rated films for children plus Cartoon Network short-subject TV programming and CDs with songs and stories for children. A place unlike anywhere in Thailand, or even in Asia, Cartoon Network Amazone has something for just about everyone — from the littlest traveller to the biggest kid.

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With more than 30 world-class water rides and slides, live Cartoon Network entertainment shows, attractions and interactive water fun, your day out at Cartoon Network Amazone will be packed full of fun and adventure. As with all our tours at Pattaya Central, the price you see is the price you pay — all admission fees and transfers are included! Enter the correct information so that we can check if we can find a better price than the standard one Photos Map.

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No reviews yet Rating Excellent. Activity Details Activity Overview. Cartoon Network Amazone has highlights to spare, including: Omniverse Zone — Water rollercoasters your thing?

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The Omniverse Zone has some of the fastest and most exciting water coasters in the world, for you to zip around and splash your way to fun Cartoonival Zone — Want to hang out with all your favourite Cartoon Network stars? Here in the Cartoonival Zone, you and your little folk can catch up with Ben 10, the Powerpuff Girls and Adventure Time, as well as enjoying more than water features. The Riptide Rapids — Tube your way around the relaxing retreat of the river, flowing and winding its way around the park grounds.

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